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100 day of libya assault

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In spite of its pompous militancy situation in which hit western politicians and NATO command is very similar to the fundamental philosophical dictum of the famous novel by American writer J. Heller, “Catch 22” Catch-22) - they are well aware that without a ground operation recognition humiliating defeat of the coalition of 28 countries in a war against a small state is inevitable, but they are much more clearly aware that its conduct would lead to even more cruel and humiliating defeat, also paired with the death of hundreds of their soldiers.
United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) leading by General Keith B. Alexander work with arab suffering people
United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) leading by General Keith B. Alexander work with arab suffering people

Alas, the perfect time for ground operations, “strategists” NATO has been ineptly lost. In the first couple of weeks the bombing, when in a state of confusion were not just ordinary Libyans, but both the army and public authorities of Libya, when migrant workers run away left without a livelihood of workers the company, so that there were serious shortages of gasoline, cleaning towns, the main food including bread, when the rebels stormed the Sirte, Gaddafi’s home town, the question of the capture of Libya could be solved with high probability even landing airborne troops in the Tripoli. And then, as usual - the winners are not judged, and all who might object, would have been hanged as “criminals.” In Iraq, the army run away with the option of regime change has been implemented quite successfully.

In Libya, at the moment it is impossible. Army is efficient, leaflets calling for surrender, which scatter NATO planes, as well as bombings, are no longer active. The government is monitoring the situation virtually throughout the state, except for a small area of ​​the coastal area of ​​Adzhdabii to the Egyptian border, including Benghazi and Tobruk. Controlled territory on an absolutely normal working all institutions, including training, regular payment of salaries, benefits, including unemployment benefit, organized by the uninterrupted supply of food and basic necessities. Gasoline at the pump for which, unlike the “pre-war” times, now we have to stand in line, still worth 12 cents per liter. Comparison with the mess on the territory controlled by rebels, where the children have lost school year, not to mention the lack of anything resembling any power structure is clearly not in favor of the latter. So the discontent of the masses “tyrannical regime Gaddafi ‘western coalition of crusaders count obviously is not necessary, but in conjunction with the government handed out to these masses of tens of thousands of Kalashnikov assault rifles, the prospect of a ground invasion is quite sad.

Funds from the government, again, unlike the rebels, too, all lacking. In spite of the frozen foreign accounts belonging to Libya (Qaddafi is not a clan!) $ 160 billion, the government is very well-disposed by the remaining “crumbs” of $ 20-25 billion dollars, which are placed in the banks of Asian and African countries. Perepoloshennaya such flagrant Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, even demanded that the heads of African states to end their support Gaddafi and the expulsion of its diplomats, but the result to no avail. In addition, as the newspaper reported The New York Times referring to its source in the CIA, in the Libyan Central Bank and other banks in the Libyan capital, the amount of stored multibillion-dollar cash. Moreover, apart from cash resources only to the International Monetary Fund, Central Bank of Libya has at least 144 tonnes of gold worth about $ 6.5 billion, of which up to now, by the way, no one gram is used up. So that the financial collapse of Libya or in the near future, either in a remote safe. Given the sharp reduction in funding of Libyan operation by the U.S. Congress, the money from Western coalition warriors-losers will end much sooner than the Libyan government.

On the attempt failed miserably and the food embargo of Libya. In order to avoid arrest en route to Libya ships with food and medical supplies and redirect them to Benghazi rebels, they are unloaded at the port of Tunis, Zarzis, by the way, just two hours drive from the Libyan border, from where all goods are transported by road to Libya

Undoubtedly, a great grief to Gaddafi and his whole family was the murder of NATO crusaders 29-year-old son Qaddafi Saif al-Arab, two grandsons and four-granddaughter. But on the other hand, this cruel and senseless murder of the latter-day crusaders not only rallied the Libyan people around their leader, showing that his family suffers from NATO bombing just like ordinary Libyans, but finally discredited the very idea of ​​”peacekeeping” operation. After that Gaddafi began to sympathize with, even those who did not take either him personally or his methods of governance.

The only indubitable success of NATO’s and, more precisely - the American “strategists” have the information war against Libya. We must acknowledge that the information space they actually blocked almost tight.

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google translate: Gaddafi on the eve of victory

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